Ooujeeih! A danceconcert for the very young (2005)

Ooujeeih! is inspired by the movements and sounds of the very small children. With this point of departure, the performance becomes a visual and sensory experience with a naive and cartoonish expression.

The dancers take on their individual characters, that during the course of the performance create their own world by means of long, colorful foam rubber tubes. These tubes can be connected and bent into different shapes, providing the dancers with material that is both firm and soft at the same time, allowing them to crawl through, sneak around and hide behind it.

After the show, children and adults are invited to explore the performance space.

Choreographer: Un-Magritt Nordseth

Composer & musician: Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad

Dancers: Snelle Hall, Siri Jøntvedt

Set design and costumes: Kathrine Tolo

Co-producers: House of Dance (Norway), Notam

Premiere: Oslo 2005

Ooujeeih! Is a Glitterbird project. For further information about Glitterbird, visit  http://www.dansdesign.com/gb/

Photo: Charlotte Blom

Dette innlegget ble skrevet 10. October 2005 av Siri & Snelle.