Siri & Snelle in collaboration with Lise Ferner

My Great-Grandmother’s Green Corset – Revisited

October 14th-16th 2011 at Coda International Dancefestival.

The performance is an adapted reconstruction of Har du sett min oldemors grønne korsett – det kan fly (”Have you seen my great-grandmother’s green corset – it can fly”) from 1992 which premiered at Scenehuset in Oslo. Four individual solos were created on the theme of foremothers. The dancers exchanged roles with their true and imaginary mothers, foremothers and their surroundings as a means of developing the material for the production. Now the solos are to be presented in their original format – in a slightly adapted form. With the exception of one dancer, the soloists are all from the original performance of 20 years ago! Ole Henrik Moe is responsible for the music, now as he was back then. The original costumes have been retrieved from the attic and revamped.

Lise Ferner is a lecturer at the University of Oslo. Her dance background includes collaborations with Gerd Bugge, Elsa Quale and Mary Fulkerson. Research and sensory awareness movement therapy work has been of key significance to her dance works. Ferner was affiliated with Danseloftet from 1976−94, where she both taught and collaborated with Danseloftet’s group as well as with Huldra. In 1979 she started HeXakin together with Ingunn Rimestad. Lise Ferner has been affiliated with Dartington College of Arts and Theatre School Amsterdam/Arnhem on several occasions as a guest educator.

Choreography Lise Ferner

Rehearsal Siri Jøntvedt

Dancers Snelle Hall, Steffi Lund, Olga Papalexiou, Hege Gabrielsen

Other cast members Aase With, Kirsten Hveding, Ingunn Rimestad

Music Ole Henrik Moe and Kari Rønneklev

Video Kjersti Martinsen

Light Helga Wåseth

Costumes Ingunn Rimestad/Elinor Strøm

Produced by Hexakin in collaboration with Pernille Mogensen and CODA

Duration 65 min.

Supported by
Arts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists

Dette innlegget ble skrevet 10. October 2014 av Siri & Snelle.