I am Cosmos premiere 15th March 2016

Premiere 15th-18th March 2016 at Dansens Hus in Oslo, Norway.

In ‘I am Cosmos’, Siri & Snelle try to make themselves comfortable in the world – both in the everyday world around us, and in the vast endlessness of time and space. Is it possible to encircle and embrace the ambivalence and gulfs between what is personal and what is universal and metaphysical? They are seeking a chance to compress the cosmic, and at the same time expand – like the universe itself – the space in which to examine the reality around us. Taking as their basis Aina Villanger’s poetry collection ‘Langsang – et flytans habitat’, which is a subjective and energetic Creation story, Siri & Snelle have used content, form and dynamics as their inspiration.

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Dette innlegget ble skrevet 10. December 2015 av Siri & Snelle.