About us

photo: Alexander Browne

Since meeting each other in 1991 during their studies at the Norwegian College of Dance, Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall have been collaborating on new forms of dance and performance fueled by their shared belief in true artistic freedom. 

Drawing upon both high and popular culture, as well as the completely uncultured, Siri & Snelle highlight numerous social undercurrents in their work. They often reference subjects that are uncomfortable, claustrophobic, or unacceptable. As social norms are often the strongest limitation to creative expression, the duo often intimately dissect their own personal spheres in order to collapse cultural divides and eliminate shame.

For over 25 years Siri & Snelle´s work has placed improvisation at the heart of their process and performances. They have developed a personal style unrestrained by conventional genres. They playfully incorporate elements from a variety of dance techniques, as well as narrative theatre, talk-shows and live music, blending them with humor and self-irony.

Siri & Snelle have presented their work in Norway, Europe and USA (New York 2019, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Minneapolis 2010 and WoW Festival/La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego 2013).  Siri&Snelle have produced cutting edge work within a wide scope of formats, from happenings to full scale dance theatre productions – independent productions and commissioned works, such as for Carte Blanche|The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance.