About us

2016 marks Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Halls 25 years collaborative anniversary. They met at The Norwegian web1College of Dance (now KHiO), and  started working together in 1991. At the base of their creative endeavors is the shared belief in true artistic freedom.  Their stage presence is as much influenced by high culture as it is by popular culture – and the completely uncultured for that matter. Siri and Snelle enjoy highlighting social undercurrents, and have often chosen hopelessly outdated elements that subsequently have undergone a thorough processing during the course of several performance pieces. Despite the fact that it often feels uncomfortable and claustrophobic, they still manage to see value in the least acceptable cultural references. In this respect, they consider all society’s social norms to be the strongest limitation to creative expression. On this basis, they have found it efficient to use their own personal and intimate spheres as a starting point in order to bring down cultural divides and eliminate social shame. Since the very beginning, Siri and Snelle have been uncompromising in choosing improvisation as their preferred method. Through numerous projects, they have fine-tuned this approach, and playfully developed a personal expression without any regard for established genres. The most important building blocks are elements from different dance techniques, text based theatre, talkshows and live music, all mixed with a healthy – and necessary – dose of humor and self-irony. Another important aspect of their artistic values are  the influence of all the musicians, stage artists, students and other creative people they have had the pleasure of working with – because Siri and Snelle realize that the dynamics between people is the true source of the joy, and challenges that drive their continued professional and personal progress.

Snelle interviewing Siri

Siri interviewing Snelle