I am Cosmos premiere 15th March 2016

Premiere 15th-18th March 2016 at Dansens Hus in Oslo, Norway. In ‘I am Cosmos’, Siri & Snelle try to make themselves comfortable in the world – both in the everyday world around us, and in the vast endlessness of time and space. Is it possible to encircle and embrace the ambivalence and gulfs between what […]

Skrevet 10. December 2015 av Siri & Snelle.

GRUMS performing in Oslo & Hammerfest

GRUMS is performing this  Autumn at Nynorskens hus in Oslo, Norway and at Dansefestival Barents i Hammerfest, Norway. 29th & 30th OCtober @19:00 – Nynorskens hus, Oslo,Norway 7th November @20:00 – Dansefestival Barents, Hammerfest, Norway GRUMS Far Away From the Buzz of Business GRUMS Guiding us to the edge of our sanity, Grums is a horror movie featuring an unusual creature: upper-class women […]

Skrevet 9. October 2015 av Siri & Snelle.

Dance information Norway – 10 questions to Siri & Snelle

Dance information Norway (press here) Everyday feminism, 10 questions for Siri and Snelle. With a long freelancing career behind them, Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Ingrid Hall continue to insist that they have more to offer as performers. This week sees the premiere of their newest piece, about everydayheroes and falling short, choreographed for the male […]

Skrevet 1. June 2015 av Siri & Snelle.

GRUMS to Gothenburg

3:e VÅNINGEN 9. & 10. January 2015, 19h, tickets at the door. http://www.3vaningen.se GRUMS draws towards the outskirts of our sanity as it may associate with horror movies, animals of some sort or transforming into being a mid-life crisis of the upper-class women, thrashing about, questioning their lives, directionless. This piece is a search for a […]

Skrevet 16. December 2014 av Siri & Snelle.