The Body Essays (2020)

We go back to basics, back to the body.
The Body Essays are dance essays, or rather; danced essays. We want to sense our way into a place where we can explore the tension between the intimate and the cultural; to experience these overlaps, let them instigate curiosity, and a need to investigate further. The essays are gravitations – physical inquiries – with which we aim to create a certain body poetics, based on our thirty years as collaborators and individual performers and creators.

Collapsing Distance (2018)

Collapsing Distance synthesizes a number of themes which have permeated Siri & Snelle’s productions since their founding in 1992. Feminine aggression and forbidden feelings explored earlier (e.g. The Closet, 2013, and Grums, 2014) will be revisited through a collective investigation with other artists.

I AM COSMOS (2016)

I am Cosmos, premiere 15th March 2016 at Dansens Hus in Oslo, Norway.

With their new evening­length work I Am Cosmos, Siri & Snelle attempt to find their place in the world – within the immediate and everyday, as well as within the infinite reaches of space and time.


Birthmark “Notes on Cracking” – commissioned by Carte Blanche.
Premiere 29th May 2015, Studio Bergen, Bergen International Festival in Norway.

What happens when the facade cracks?
Vanity and courage are the starting points for Siri Jøntvedt and Snell Hall’s piece for Carte Blanche.

GRUMS (2014)

Far Away From the Buzz of Business

GRUMS Guiding us to the edge of our sanity, Grums is a horror movie featuring an unusual creature: upper-class women in a mid-life crisis. They thrash about, question their lives.

HEDDA´ING (2013)

Hedda´ing is a collaboration between Siri & Snelle and the American choreographer/dancer Sam Mitchell. Hedda´ing was performed at Without Walls Festival (WoW) 2013. Hedda´ing is a cross cultural, dance theatre exploration using Henrik Ibsen’s play Hedda Gabler as a source. Hedda’ing investigates the polarities that exist between the role of home as a sanctuary and as a prison, between memory and reality, and between the existential and the spiritual. Hedda’ing is set in and around the Stuart Collection’s “Fallen Star” by artist Do Ho Suh.


Out of the closet oozes female aggression, primal dancing, a pang of jealousy and forbidden feelings.
What a relief that openness has become so hip!
But can all secrets be revealed?
Can the ugly ever be trendy?
And has bitterness become the new social disease?

SEANSE (2011)

The year 2011 marks the twentieth anniversary of Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall’s ongoing project, a distinctive form of dance art which is well on its way to becoming a recognised signature. We have seen it in visual art and literature, but not many dance artists have dared to disregard prestige to this extent


Floating is a performance aimed at our youngest audience, where they meet familiar sounds, shapes and movements from their own field of experience. Using colourful toy instruments, funny faces, strange sounds and emotionally charged movements, the artists let their audience float through and between different states of mind where anything can catch their attention and […]


Siri&Snelle are never happy with status quo. This time they have decided to delve into their own escapism – but what are they longing for exactly? To figure this out, they navigate their artistic map, finding tableaus of text, passiondancing, some sentimental self-scrutiny and their own ironic twist. Along for the ride, is the uncategorizable musical trio called Huntsville, who wraps it all up in a mesmerizing soundscape.

ISOLDE (2008)

In their search for The Great Romance, Siri&Snelle get entangled in the myth of Tristan and Isolde from the Middle Ages. It takes them on a heroic journey where they investigate Love as an indicator of happiness and success. In their path lies passion, intrigues, pathos, magic potions, eroticism and death.


Siri & Snelle’s Land is a vegetable patch in the middle of Oslo. Here, the two glamour addicts reconnect with the earth after a trip to a country festival has transformed them into eco-wannabes. Emotions are allowed free reign, making this a nicely claustrophobic, intimate and grumpy experience. But they are not alone; they are accompanied on stage by a live band who operate in the murky waters between jazz, ambient, country and electronica. They also bring a Swedish assistant on stage, who helps them navigate between the commercial and the banal, the sad and the pathetic, the personal and the private.


Siri and Snelle is continuing their hunt for success and have finally found their guru and hero in Terry Hunt. After giving Berlin and “the great German market” a go, they have returned with their tail between their legs, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Terry Hunt was Hollywood’s most famous glamour girl designer and personal trainer during the 40’s and 50’s. In his experience, it takes more than a beautiful exterior to gain success; the secret recipe is charm. Now, Siri and Snelle are hoping to salvage their careers by meticulously following Terry’s advice.


In norwegian: Siri & Snelle møter Ingar & Ivar En forestillingsrekke som dyrker det uventede. I fellesskap etablerer Siri & Snelle & Ingar & Ivar et rom der lyden kan bli hørt og bevegelsen sett. Rommenes karakter spiller en viktig rolle for utformingen, og gjør hver forestilling unik. Stilen er tidvis leken og uhøytidlig, samtidig […]


Our hostesses Siri & Snelle is counting on window exposure during the most hectic shopping period of the year to get them back into the limelight. Their efforts can be viewed every workingday from 11.30 am til 3pm.


Barne-og familieforestilling fra 5 år.

Hvem har ikke drømt om å være en annen enn seg selv? Prinsesse for eksempel?Children- and family performance, from ages 5 years and up.

Who has never dreamt of being someone else? For example a princess?


Siri og Snelle sammen med Tony Thatcher og trompetist Arve Henriksen utforsker keltiske maifeiringer forkledd som drag kings.Siri and Snelle together with Tony Thatcher and Arve Henriksen (trumpet) explores Celtic May Day celebrations disguised as drag kings.